From another angle

Participating with this photo at the exhibition 50x50x50 @ Kastrupgårdsamling, Copenhagen february 2016.

The shot was taken while ‘Pjerrot’ was making up his make up prior to going on stage for entertaining the children waiting.

He was painted white but seemed kind of ‘dark’ to me…


Improvised portrait photography

Sometimes I'm only offer little time for shooting when the people being photographed are busy and need getting back to work. This occasionally happens and leaves me with a tight timeframe for meeting, mending and photographing.

This particular session only took 20 minutes from hooking up until the actual shooting was over and I ended up just doing 12 frames in 2 different poses.

By working in this tight and often improvised manner I feel my creativity and ability to get the best out of whatever is available are being positively challenged. 1/125 is enough...


Catching in the shadows

I like the contrasty and shadowed look of the city's textures in bright sunlight especially when being 'lucky' catching a subject in the right spot.

The great thing about street photography is it's all there; The people, the stories and the situations all just be discovered and patiently caught...


Shooting at lower shutter speeds

Off course shooting portraits at lower shutter speeds presents a risk of getting blurry if not unusable shots. However when used intentionally and with help from the model it also offers the potential of a more lively and less formal look.

Personally I like the streched and unatural shapes that comes from moving the camera along with the models movement as both facial expression and the mirrored pine tree background appear less shapy and almost dreamy…


Using the available surroundings and light

I prefer working with the simplest setup as possible. For one reason it's easier getting around with less to carry. However even more important it challenges me photographically in using the available surroundings and light. I do carry a Vivitar in the bag just in case but uses it very rarely.

Modelwise I also see the simple setup as an advantage as the portrayed seems more relaxed and confident when not faced with a bunch of light and gear.

The light in this photo is came from a big window pane in front of the model and the blunds in the background prevented the natural backdrop from burning.

Keep it simple and focused...


Shooting prefocused situations

Recently I discovered this spot in Copenhagen with contrasty background and interesting shadows. The scene however was empty so I decided to wait for something to happen instead of just shooting a regular and most likely dull location photo.

The waiting time offered me the benefit of being able to prefocus and have the exposure right prior to the shots. Once a subject entered all I had to do was framing. I did this with 5-10 people passing by and none of them noticed my shooting even though I had the camera to my eye every time.

When doing street photography I find it important to act naturally, relaxed and blend in. Be discreet with your camera but don't lie if someone asks what you are doing. I personally don't fancy hipshots since we are engagers not peepers...


shooting through reflective surfaces

I enjoy experimenting with shooting through reflective surfaces such as windowframes. Reality, assuming we are photographing reality tends to get interestingly angled through mirrored reflections, textures stand out and the subjects seldom realize they're the subject themselves. The above photos were shot through silver foil postered & mirrored shopping windows...


new website

Finally able to share my work through this new website which will showcase my portfolio work and be a platform for my 'LATEST STORIES' blog and ongoing photo project 'SNAPS OF LIFE'.

In the proces of viewing and sorting among my own material from the last 5 years, I have been critical on selecting material which I find representative for me still. However photographs are just framed snaps of time not necessarily representative for reality nor fiction.



  1. Nikolaj Palmskov
  2. palmskov@me.com
  3. +45 26 36 19 61


I was born 1971 in Copenhagen, Denmark and my first interest for photography grew from toying around with my father's broken camera as a kid.

I do commercial work, reportage, documentary & portraits. As an Adobe certified instructor I also do photography- and Photoshop worksshops.

For the last 5 years my personal work has been focused on portraying artist & musician. Currently I am working on my street photography and ongoing "Snaps of Life" projects.

"Det er ikke personernes indre sjæleliv som Palmskov postulerer at kunne indfange med kameralinsen. Snarere er det noget mere almengyldigt, som er på spil og som handler om nuets tilstedeværelse og de drømme samt forventninger vi alle har på bestemte tidspunkter i livet. Det er dét, som kan genkendes i de portrætterede personers ansigter og måder at komme os i møde på i fotografierne. I stedet for ord er det i Palmskovs fotografier blikket, ansigtsudtrykket eller den bevægelse, som personerne fanges i dét sekund billedet tages, der skaber portrættet og dermed fortællingen." - Karen Elsebeth Jensen, mag. art.


  1. 50x50x50 @ Kastrupgårdsamlingen, February 2016
  2. Vandrehallen @ Hillerød Bibliotek, May 2014
  3. Gladsaxe Kunstforening @ Thorasminde, October 2011
  4. Absence @ Copenhagen Photo Festival, June 2011
  5. Gentofte Kino, May 2011
  6. Politigården København, March 2011
  7. Baxter Kunstforening, January 2011
  8. The Royal Danish Embassy Tokyo, August 2010
  9. Transit @ Copenhagen Photo Festival, May 2010
  10. Tro, håb & bjerge @ Softworld, March 2010
  11. Det stærke køn @ Galleri Badevej 2B, January 2009

I believe in sharing

From a photographer's point of view I'm interested in the broadening of my work but please ask for permission prior.

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